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T1DE 2020 Spring Coaching Application
T1DE.ORG (aka t1de) is providing an opportunity for individuals, parents, and caregivers who are juggling the daily responsibilities and emotional strains that come with managing diabetes. Tide is partnering with a nationally recognized Gestalt Coaching program founded by Melisa Pearce and is offering phone coaching to committed participants during Spring of 2020.
All of the coaches are beginning their 2nd year of advanced Gestalt Coach training, having already been certified in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. They are investing their time and expertise to the Tide community with the expectation that the participants will invest their time and energy in kind.
Participants will commit to weekly or every other week phone coaching sessions for a minimum of twelve (12) weeks with one of the program’s Gestalt coaches who are NOT health coaches, but rather coaches versed in the life challenges and emotional strains that sometimes come with managing the "24-7" of diabetes. 

Your coach will encourage you to look at your current life – the realities of your physical, mental, and emotional states. He or she will guide you in creating a clear vision and roadmap for your self-care. Your coach will help you recognize and appreciate the many parts of you that shape your everyday life, and will assist you in identifying how your positive choices gain momentum for change, if you so desire. Melisa explains that “the Gestalt methodology assists the client in examining their life and choices made with a focus on designing a positive future.” We at Tide believe that maintaining healthy self-care depends on our emotional well-being and our ability to manage stress.
This coaching experience is not to provide medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional before making changes to your lifestyle or medical routine. 
Coaching placements are limited and will be provided to the participates with greatest needs, determined by applications and other parameters. As coaching spots become available, you will be contacted to confirm your interest and begin your coaching sessions.

To submit your application, please read and agree to the client coaching agreement below and complete the complete signup information below. You will receive a follow up email from TIDE confirming your application and will be contacted when a coach is available to work with you.


___ I am aware that the phone coaching experience is an experiential session featuring the Gestalt Coaching Method®.
___ I am aware that my practitioner is not a psychotherapist and that this is not a therapy session; that it is a coaching session. I accept that my coach may provide an insight and referral for me to seek therapy, if they identify a need.
___ I am aware that my Gestalt Method coach is not providing medical advice. I will consult my healthcare professional before making changes to my lifestyle or medical routine.

___ I understand that this program requires me to commit to weekly or every other week phone coaching sessions for a minimum of twelve (12) weeks. I may be assigned homework and I commit to completing it.  
___ At the conclusion of my 12-weeks of coaching, I will complete a survey regarding my experience. 
___ I understand that if I do not meet the above requirements, my coaching opportunity may be discontinued and my spot will be given to another participant.
* indicates required
Refer to the Client Coaching Agreement Above
Facility, Social Worker, Personal Contact, etc.
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